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Pokey Gozer

From: linda mccoy

 Date: Fri, 04 Jul 2014

We have been using Mary for over a year now. We can leave for a day or two weeks and we know our puppies will have the best care ever !! Mary goes out of her way to make sure all aspects of our furred family are well under control and takes over as both mommy and daddy are away.

Thank you Affordable Pet Sitter!!


Tue 3/11/2014
from Olivia

Dear Mary,
 It is with a very heavy heart that I must update you with some mournful news. As you may remember from your last visit in November, the health of Gozer and Pokey were declining. Test results were continuously inconclusive for both of them. One day poor Gozer was unable to stand and she cried out in pain. Nick and I had to make the awful decision of putting her to sleep. Not much longer after that my dear Pokey lost complete use of both legs and refused to eat. Again, Nick and I reluctantly said our goodbyes.
I want to thank you Mary for taking such good care of them. I also want to apologize, because upon reflection I realize how difficult it must have been for you to care for Pokey this past November when his bowels were not functioning properly. I hoped he was just having minor stomach irritation and would be fine but I now know it was part of the big picture and only got worse. I think I was in denial about his declining health and if I'd known better I wouldn't have left him at that time. I'm so sorry. Your patience, hard work and dedication are amazing and very much appreciated.
Nick and I stayed with both Gozer and Pokey until the very end. They left this world peacefully and soaked with our love and tears. I attached two pictures for you, one of each when they were healthy and  happy.


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